Madison T. | Palm City, Florida

November 15 2017
Bark busters rating

Awesome experience! We were very surprised how well Hank took to this training.

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Ricardo L. | Stuart, Florida

November 14 2017
Bark busters rating

The training session was extremely informative and helpful. The puppies responded to the drills with success after only a few minutes. We are looking forward to starting and maintaining this new approach to handling our puppies.

barkingchewinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrecalltoiletingpuppy training

Kathleen G. | Jupiter, Florida

November 13 2017
Bark busters rating

Marc was amazing at training both our dog and us! I have a viszla who is very sweet but thought he was in control. Marc was so patient and easy with him and had our dog well-mannered within an hour. Marc demonstrated and trained the members of our family as well so that our dog would listen to all of us. There is no more jumping, storming the doors to go outside, begging at the table, etc. And I know if there is a question, I can give Marc a quick call for an answer. Thank you! Your services are well worth it.

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Karen L. | Vero Beach, Florida

November 13 2017
Bark busters rating

My dog was a constant barker and leash puller. Marc showed me techniques to eliminate these habits. I learned so much in very short period of time. I can now walk her the way I want. Now I am the master and she follows me.

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Vicki & Gary H. | Port St Lucie, Florida

November 9 2017
Bark busters rating

Fun, Informative, Comforting and a GREAT STRESS release!

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Dolores R. | Jupiter, Florida

November 8 2017
Bark busters rating

Excited to see results right away. Read reviews and didn't believe it but it happened! Felt happy and confident that we'll have good results and can be happy with our pups behavior. Excited to see our results!

aggressionbarkingpulling on leadtoileting

Jason G. | West Palm Beach, Florida

November 4 2017
Bark busters rating

Very professional and helped with my very stubborn dog. Was amazed at the difference in my dog's behavior with just one session. Am looking forward to their progress as time goes on.

aggressionbarkinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrecallseparation anxiety

Alyssa M. | Vero Beach, Florida

November 3 2017
Bark busters rating

The training was easy and flexible for REAL LIFE. No treats, collars etc. Loved it! Marc took time to listen and meet our needs in a way that worked.

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Alison T. | Sebastian, Florida

November 1 2017
Bark busters rating

Marc was wonderful, clear, precise and very patient. Explained the process and demonstrated what we needed to do. He supported both my husband and I kindly and firmly. What the brochures say is true; marked change in our dogs' behavior without any aggressive "punishments".

barkinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrecallseparation anxiety

Heather A. | Jensen Beach, Florida

November 1 2017
Bark busters rating

Didn't think it would work as quickly as it did. Marc is truly the dog whisperer! Now mom (me) just needs more reinforcement herself :-)

barkinghyperactivitypulling on leadseparation anxiety

Frank P. | Port St Lucie, Florida

October 30 2017
Bark busters rating

It was incredible! The dog responded within 10 minutes of us starting!

aggressionbarkingchewinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrecallrivalry

Carole M. | Lake Worth, Florida

October 26 2017
Bark busters rating

Our primary issue was leash walking with Lucca. The problem was compounded by leash aggression toward other dogs and adrenalizing whenever there is a distraction. Marc was great at explaining the reasons behind the method, demonstrating and then giving us the opportunity to do the exercises. I feel much more confident having been through the training and knowing we have help available when/if needed.

aggressionbarkingjumping uppulling on lead

Alan R. | Port St Lucie, Florida

October 25 2017
Bark busters rating

Zion is very aggressive. I was amazed to see the change in his behavior. He did not attack the trainer as he had done when we first saw him. He was calm at the end of the session. I was planning on sending him to the pound but now I believe he can change!


Joann C. | Port St Lucie, Florida

October 20 2017
Bark busters rating

We both learned a lot and feel we are on our way to getting our problem solved. We have a lot of work to do but feel very confident we will get there.

jumping uprecallseparation anxietyother

John H. | West Palm Beach, Florida

October 19 2017
Bark busters rating

Easy to follow instructions and drills. Saw improvement immediately.

hyperactivitypulling on leadseparation anxiety

Allyson&Matt R. | Jupiter, Florida

October 17 2017
Bark busters rating

Marc came to address sibling rivalry and some behavior issues. Marc did an outstanding job making the dogs and myself feel comfortable and confident in our roles. We saw improvement right away, we couldn't be happier.

aggressionbarkinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrecallrivalry

Bob & Carol W. | Stuart, Florida

October 16 2017
Bark busters rating

We called Karen to help us with our two 11 week old Pups. We were very satisfied and Karen was very through teaching us. We are very excited to have a "Lifetime Support Guarantee" seeing that the Pups are so young.

recallseparation anxietytoiletingpuppy training

Milton & Christine B. | Port St Lucie, Florida

October 14 2017
Bark busters rating

Superior! Outstanding! I wish I new about this training when Roy was a puppy! With this program you teach an old dog new tricks! We are very satisfied!

aggressionbarkinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadother

Susan & Alan P. | West Palm Beach, Florida

October 14 2017
Bark busters rating

Very positive experience! The dogs seem more in control and relaxed!

barkingchewinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadrivalryother

Natalie P. | West Palm Beach, Florida

October 14 2017
Bark busters rating

Amazed. Pack position and viewpoint of humans by dogs.

barkinghyperactivityjumping uppulling on leadtoileting