Edison & Beth B. | Stuart, Florida

September 20 2017
Bark busters rating

We have two beautiful German Shepards, Ruby and Murphy. We called Marc and Karen to help us with their very outgoing personalities! This is our review; "You guys are like family to us! Life changing for us and our girls. We are excited to start our new life together & love learning my pups' language!"

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Robert F. | Lake Worth, Florida

September 5 2017
Bark busters rating

Excellent and low key training, taking the dog and owner through the steps one at a time in a calm professional manner.

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Selena K. | Vero Beach, Florida

August 31 2017
Bark busters rating

Amazing experience! I have a totally different dog! Katy use to bark and rush the front door then jump all over my guests. Within an hour I saw an amazing results! I will totally recommend Karen/Bark Busters to EVERYONE!

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John & Chris H. | Port St Lucie, Florida

August 29 2017
Bark busters rating

Karen arrived on time and did a great presentation and Chico started to improve immediately.

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Amy L. | Vero Beach, Florida

August 28 2017
Bark busters rating

Marc is very knowledgeable and he amazed Mike and I! He was very thorough and pleasant to work with.

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Cosette C. | Jensen Beach, Florida

August 28 2017
Bark busters rating

I knew I believed in Harley, just didn't know how to show her that am her "Pack Leader". This is my 1st step teaching Harley to become a Canine Good Citizen. Now I am confident in our relationship.

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Patricia B. | Indiantown, Florida

August 25 2017
Bark busters rating

Very impressed and excited to get started. We look forward to our new life with our dogs. We are now going to enjoy our life with them more.

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Linda B. | West Palm Beach, Florida

August 24 2017
Bark busters rating

I am so happy! Luck is so much more relaxed, thank you Karen.

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Stu & Sharon D. | Port St. Lucie, Florida

August 24 2017
Bark busters rating

We called Bark Busters because Peecha is a constant barker! We were thrilled once Peecha responded to our "Bah"! Thank you Karen.

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Charity M. | Jense Beach, Florida

August 21 2017
Bark busters rating

I am amazed that Caesar is lying next to my cat that he barked at like crazy earlier today!

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Kim S. | Palm City, Florida

August 19 2017
Bark busters rating

The training was completely enlightening! We learned new things about the behavior of our dogs. We are very excited to have seen results so quickly.

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Alexandra S. | Vero Beach, Florida

August 13 2017
Bark busters rating

I'm totally in love with my dog again! I am so happy to have my wonderful , happy dog back. Great training session. Thank you!

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Catherine S. | Vero Beach, Florida

August 10 2017
Bark busters rating

It's amazing how much we didn't know! The trainers were great!

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Nona S. | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

August 3 2017
Bark busters rating

I called Bark Busters to help me with Jetti's separation anxiety. Karen was very patient and thorough explaining the Bark Busters training methods. She was professional and really related to Jetti. What a great service! Thank you!

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Kim K. | Port St Lucie, Florida

August 1 2017
Bark busters rating

Amazing. Very professional and patient. Very happy with my first training session.

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Leslie H. | Vero Beach, Florida

August 1 2017
Bark busters rating

I called Bark Busters because something had to be done about all 5 of my dogs misbehaving! I was thrilled to see a noticeable improvement in their behavior while Marc and Karen were here. I am ready and feel confident I can be a great pack leader with the skills I was taught. Thank you!

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Jean V. | Palm City, Florida

July 30 2017
Bark busters rating

Increased my confidence in dealing with and directing my dogs. Plenty of things to work on but I have lots of tools to help me handle it.

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Tyler B. | Stuart, Florida

July 27 2017
Bark busters rating

Bandit was not very responsive at the beginning of the lesson but did very well by the end of the session. We are excited to get our dog trained by Bark Busters.

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Carole W. | Lakeworth, Florida

July 27 2017
Bark busters rating

We called Bark Busters for help with our two mini Schnauzers, Isaac & Daisy. We needed a plan on how to deal with toileting issues, separation anxiety and barking. Karen addressed all of our concerns and we were given a training schedule to follow. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends, Great Experience!

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Nina F. | Vero Beach, Florida

July 23 2017
Bark busters rating

I am thrilled. Bentley understood and obeyed extremely well. I will need to practice to learn to stand tall!

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