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Dog Training Success Stories

Bark Busters Treasure Coast & Boca Raton with Karen & Marc Deppe and John Torres


Janie | Ft Pierce

April-01-2024 Bark busters rating

Karen was very informative & gave us very good info.

Puppy management

Tommy Clauss . | Vero Beach

March-30-2024 Bark busters rating

This training was very informative. I have learned that us humans are the boss and consistency is the key!

Aggression Hyperactivity Sibling rivalry Other

Linda W. | Palm City

March-29-2024 Bark busters rating

5 Stars

Puppy management

Ed L. | Ft Pierce

March-27-2024 Bark busters rating

5 Stars!

Puppy management

Connor G. | Sebastian

March-27-2024 Bark busters rating

We worked with Karma on personal space & claiming an area. We worked with Roxy on nipping hands and furniture.

Hyperactivity Puppy management Other

Marie N. | Port St Lucie

March-22-2024 Bark busters rating

Today we learned how to properly communicate to our dogs.

Hyperactivity Pulling Other

Kate F. | Jupiter

March-20-2024 Bark busters rating

Marc was amazing at giving us the tools necessary for each issue that was needed for our dogs. Ours dogs are on the road to success.

Hyperactivity Other

Natalie K. | Newark

March-19-2024 Bark busters rating

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Aggression Barking Chewing Digging Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Puppy management Recall Sibling rivalry Separation anxiety Toileting Other

Benne D. | Stuart

March-16-2024 Bark busters rating

Thorough, logical, informative, provided very helpful information about our timid rescue dog.

Hyperactivity Separation anxiety Other

Andrea S. | Port St Lucie

March-14-2024 Bark busters rating

Excellent! All issues explained in full. We saw a big change in our dogs in a short matter of time.

Aggression Hyperactivity Other

Ryan J. | Vero Beach

March-14-2024 Bark busters rating

Karen, from Bark Busters is a highly capable dog trainer & behavioral specialist! We have already seen an improvement in Mabel and we look forward to her positive progression!


Cindy D. | Port ST Lucie

March-12-2024 Bark busters rating

Professional friendly & effective. I would highly recommend Bark Busters.

Barking Jumping up Pulling Recall Other

Sarah W. | Port St Lucie

March-09-2024 Bark busters rating

Excellent! We are completely amazed at how fast our dog caught onto the training.

Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Other

Cessalie H. | Ft Pierce

March-09-2024 Bark busters rating

Karen was very knowledgeable about how to train Nyla with excessive barking and jumping. I would highly recommend.

Puppy management

Terri A. | Vero Beach

March-08-2024 Bark busters rating

Teaching us to be the alpha and control our dogs=:)

Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Other

Sandra S. | Ft Pierce

March-08-2024 Bark busters rating

Professional & thorough I saw results with in the hour.

Barking Hyperactivity Pulling Recall Other

Anna B. | Stuart

March-07-2024 Bark busters rating

Very easy process & useful. Would recommend for others in the area looking forward to having good dogs because of Bark Busters.


John V. | Jupiter

March-07-2024 Bark busters rating

Effective and immediate improvements. We are looking forward to start a new chapter with Maui. We are hopeful this training will make a difference.


Betsy S. | Veroi Beach

March-05-2024 Bark busters rating

I was impressed at how responsive Cody was to Marcs instructions.

Barking Hyperactivity Pulling Other

Samantha M. | Vero Beach

February-24-2024 Bark busters rating

We are ending our day with two completely different dogs. I am beyond impressed with our trainer!

Aggression Hyperactivity Other

Kim O. | Stuart

February-23-2024 Bark busters rating

Marc was wonderful today in assisting our family and getting our dog in better sorts. we have the tools to move forward and have a happy well trained dog. Thank you so much.

Aggression Hyperactivity Other

Kali S. | Port St Lucie

February-23-2024 Bark busters rating

Karen was very thorough, informational and patient in training us to help our new puppytoday.

Puppy management

Ahlianna C. | Port St Lucie

February-22-2024 Bark busters rating

The training session was very informative. My dog began picking up on what we were working on immediately.

Aggression Hyperactivity Other

Frank S. | Port St Lucie

February-22-2024 Bark busters rating

Very user friendly training!

Barking Hyperactivity Pulling Recall Other

Evelyn V. | Jupiter

February-22-2024 Bark busters rating