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Dog training success stories

Bark Busters Treasure Coast with Karen and Marc Deppe


Anthony | Port St Lucie

January-13-2022 Bark busters rating

I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong. I learned not to let Luca lead me, I need to be the leader.


Steve & Ellie | Port St Lucie

January-13-2022 Bark busters rating

Very patient with humans that need to learn how to get our dog to learn he is not alpha. Great session to practice and incorporate.

BarkingChewingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Kathy | Delray Beach

January-11-2022 Bark busters rating

We were pleased at how easily it was to get Max to respond.

AggressionBarkingChewingHyperactivityJumping upToiletingOther

Al & Karen | Singer Island

January-11-2022 Bark busters rating

Karen was very helpful, excellent trainer. We can relate to what the training procedure is. We will try to do work on all the exercises.

Puppy management

Patricia | Ft Pierce

January-08-2022 Bark busters rating

Eye opening experience of my mistakes.


Aaron | Port St Lucie

January-08-2022 Bark busters rating

This was an incredible experience with invaluable lessons learned. It felt like magic but we know Bark Busters has a great philosophy & understanding of dogs. Marc made us feel comfortable & we enjoyed being empowered. We recommend Bark Busters to everyone.

BarkingChewingHyperactivityPullingPuppy managementRecallOther

Peter | Boca Raton

January-07-2022 Bark busters rating

We saw immediate results, remarkable!

Puppy management

Rosa | Vero Beach

January-06-2022 Bark busters rating

Easy to understand, practical exercises, great theory all good!

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallOther

Paul | Boca Raton

January-06-2022 Bark busters rating

My dog listened surprisingly well. Perfect training session!

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallOther

Audrey | Port St Lucie

January-06-2022 Bark busters rating

Very impressed with the immediate training at the door. Karen took me and Bear through the proper steps of having a well behaved dog. I am on my way to being the pack leader!

Puppy management

Angie | West Palm Beach

January-05-2022 Bark busters rating

The results were immediate! After only a few instructions and understanding how to properly correct behavior, Livvy was following the rules. I am excited to now take her for walks without a fear of her pulling out of her harness.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallOther

Jennifer | West Palm Beach

January-05-2022 Bark busters rating

I am very impressed with the change in just the first session.

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallOther

Anne | Vero Beach

January-05-2022 Bark busters rating

Major improvement! Karen was very patient and very knowledgeable.

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallToileting

Anna | Port St Lucie

December-23-2021 Bark busters rating

Marc showed up on time and spent ample time explaining dog behavior. We then spent time practising exercises that made it clear who the alpha was. The dogs behavior dramatically changed with in minutes.

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upSeparation anxietyToiletingOther

David | Delray Beach

December-23-2021 Bark busters rating

Loki responded very positively almost immediately, like a new and improved dog. Karen was very professional & addressed all my concerns with a very positive change in my dogs behavior.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecall

Catherine | Vero Beach

December-22-2021 Bark busters rating

The training provided insight with experienced methodology. It seems to be a satisfactory such that it provides a needed glimmer of light for a renewed owner canine relationship thereafter.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upToiletingOther

Linda | Vero Beach

December-22-2021 Bark busters rating

Capable, planned, structured, engaging. Minny is better already. I am motivated to follow through. I have the time and now I have the tools.

Puppy management

Brent | Vero Beach

December-22-2021 Bark busters rating

Karen was focused and true to representation.


Gene | Jensen Beach

December-20-2021 Bark busters rating

Marc was incredible. Rocky transformed in just a short time and Marc shower us how to continue this path.

Puppy management

Chris | Port St Lucie

December-20-2021 Bark busters rating

New methodology & enlightening.

BarkingChewingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallOther

Jerome | Vero Beach

December-17-2021 Bark busters rating

The training was compact & to the point.

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxietyOther

Kristan | Vero Beach

December-17-2021 Bark busters rating

Absolutely wonderful! Night and day difference. Having two rescue pups we were a bit nervous but Marcs training has transformed our dogs in such a short amount of time.

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallOther

Tom | Jupiter

December-17-2021 Bark busters rating

Noticeable and immediate changes to the dogs behavior. I am looking forward to continuing the training.

Puppy management

Jackie | Sebastian

December-16-2021 Bark busters rating

Amazing results so quick it's astonishing!

BarkingJumping upOther

Timothy | West Palm Beach

December-14-2021 Bark busters rating

Obvious improvements, lots of detail, good practice with the trainer, excited for more lessons.


Trudy & Chuck | Palm Beach Gardens

December-13-2021 Bark busters rating

Karen was extremely successful in teaching us how to interact with our 15 week old puppy. She provided us with a completely successful strategy to establish easy to follow rules. Gone no more biting, nipping, barking or jumping up. Annie now also walks outside on a loose leash without pulling or stopping to put things in her mouth. She is happy, playful, cheerful & completely comfortable in her puppy apartment doggy play pen & crate. What a great system with fabulous trainers both Karen & Marc.

Puppy management

Victor | Port St Lucie

December-11-2021 Bark busters rating

Karen was extremely informative and took her time to help us to understand how to finally speak to our dog. We are blown away by the rapid results that we have seen in such a short amount of time. I should of done this from the start!

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecall

Susan | Stuart

December-11-2021 Bark busters rating